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I'm Making a Stand to Make the Difference!

RIDBC develops and delivers innovative sensory services for children in their early years to ensure they reach their developmental goals, build independence and participate fully in all aspects of daily life.

Thanks to you, children with hearing loss might hear their name for the first time, or learn to say ‘I love you’ to their parents. Vision impaired children could learn braille and have access to a whole new world of storybooks and learning.

Every dollar I raise from my virtual lemonade stand will go towards RIDBC to help more children and families experience these moments of joy.

So, please buy a cup, jug, bucket or whole case of lemonade and help me help children in need today!

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My Lemonade Stand Updates

Serving up some goodness today :)

Sunday 7th Jun

Ellie-Mei’s stand

Tuesday 2nd Jun
Ellie-Mei has built this stand and would like to sell virtual lemon juice and orange juice online as a fundraiser for RIDBC or real juice on Sunday from our driveway (weather pending and not being closed down) with pre-orders being taken through here too. She is charging $5 per glass (even when she is holding up 2 and some signs may look 2s... but maybe she’ll sell you a $2 shot of juice. :) )
If you have any questions, please let me know and I will pass them on. This is all Ellie-Mei’s project. I am merely her secretary and a person over 18 with Facebook so she can share her project with you. 

Thank you for helping me Make a Stand!


Tom Opie

Amazing job Ellie-Mei, keep it up! 😁🍋🎊


Amelia Zaraftis



Well done Ellie Mei!



Good job Ellie ❤😊


Christine Gingell

All the best Ellie!


Nathan Hall

Ellie you are amazing!



Great work Ellie-Mei!


Carolyn Hall

What a great idea Ellie! We are so proud of you for raising money for such a great charity that helps a lot of people.



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