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We're Making a Stand to Make the Difference!

Once upon a time there was a boy called Chester.

When he was born his Mummy and Daddy were so excited to hold him and cuddle him.

They told him every day they loved him, and they showed him too. With kisses. With care. And even with little nips to his cute little bottom.

One day when they were smiling at him, he smiled back. He laughed when they talked.

He giggled. Then he mumbled and he gurgled. And he gurgled and he mumbled until one day he said 'Mumma.'

If you're reading this... I know you have a story like this too. 

I want every parent to get to experience the thrill of their child learning how to communicate with them. If you do too - then there is something you can help me with.

Chester, Van and I want to help raise money for families whose baby boy or girl is born with hearing or vision impairment or both. Because with the right support their children can discover their way to say 'hello.'

It might make you feel a bit sad to imagine what life is like for those families. Certainly their story is a bit different to Chester's, and yours. But that doesn't mean there isn't a "happy ever after". 

They say"when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  
And if you stop and think about it... that's what parents do anytime something difficult comes along. 

That is certainly true of the Mums and Dads whose children need extra support to stop their child being left without the chance to say 'Mumma', 'Dadda', 'I love you' and so much more.

Chester, Van and I want to help RIDBC to be there when families need them. And we're going to sell you some virtual lemonade to do so. 

With your help Chester can learn to:

- Make lemonade.
- Make a lemonade stand.
- Post pictures on a website (this one!)
- Make a video or him making lemonade.
- Sell you lemonade virtually over a video call.
and of course

- Think a little bit about how fortunate he is to have his eyesight and hearing.

Thanks for helping us make lemonade.

Every dollar I raise from my virtual lemonade stand will go towards RIDBC to help more children and families experience moments of joy.

So, please buy a cup, jug, bucket or whole case of lemonade and help me help children in need today!

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My Lemonade Stand Updates

The final stand!

Saturday 27th Jun
Hello everyone the stand is finally finished and Chester is set up and ready for action!

We still need to decorate!

Monday 25th May
All the main painting and construction is done... but we want to add some signs and lemons! Thank you to all the lovely ladies who have donated already!

Making a stand

Sunday 24th May
We got started today... Chester has done some great paint mixing, lemon drawings, and of course painting.

It’s coming together really well! 

As we were painting Chester was chatting away and it seemed to click that the stand was not going to be fir selling real lemonade. 

“That’s great Daddy cos I love digital things.” 

Thank you for helping me Make a Stand!


G &g

Hi Chester we have made a donation to your fund raiser Well done with stand. Love G&Gxx



Congratulations to you and chester


Catherine Braybon

Well done Chester!


Pat & Jim Howell

Well done Chester!! 👏🏻👏🏻 You are a superstar.


Marcus Obrien


Pauline And Leigh

Well done Chester xx



Great cause, we’ll done Chester. Love Vinnie and Nic xx


Janice Walker

Good luck Chester, hope you reach target x


Pauline Lyle

Good luck. Hope you reach your target xxx


Carole Skilton

Hugs to Chester for his fundraising xx


Dan Geaves

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