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I'm Making a Stand to Make the Difference!

RIDBC develops and delivers innovative sensory services for children in their early years to ensure they reach their developmental goals, build independence and participate fully in all aspects of daily life.

Thanks to you, children with hearing loss might hear their name for the first time, or learn to say ‘I love you’ to their parents. Vision impaired children could learn braille and have access to a whole new world of storybooks and learning.

Every dollar I raise from my virtual lemonade stand will go towards RIDBC to help more children and families experience these moments of joy.

So, please buy a "cup", "jug", "bucket" or a "whole case" of lemonade and help me help children in need today!

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Friday 26th Jun
Holy moly, thank you. I don't have words to say how blown away I am by how generous our donors have been. We did it, and absolutely smashed the original target of $200. Together you raised $649 for children with hearing and vision loss. 
Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart, thank you xx 

Thank you

Thursday 18th Jun
A massive thank you to those who have donated so far!!! Virtual fundraising is tricky and we really really appreciate every dollar. 

Today my amazing work allowed me to meet a little 7 month old who is wearimg her hearing aids like a trooper, and continue sessions with one of my 8 year olds who has bilateral (both ears) cochlear implants. The joys of tele-health in time of COVID-19. 

Meow 'helped'

Wednesday 17th Jun

Time to get Creative

Wednesday 17th Jun

$1 Still Helps

Wednesday 17th Jun
Hey all, 
Its been a crazy wild ride. There are a lot of big important issues and events going on all around the world right now. 

I realise its not a great time, but 2020 has really hit our organisation hard and that makes it hard for us to do our job. We work with young people who are Deaf. We help educate, advocate and support them in learning how to listen and learn to speak. These children use devices, hearing aids, or cochlear implants that you have to get used to how to listen with. 

If you can even spare $1, it would mean the world to me. Making some of 2020's lemons into virtual lemonade. Thank you, thank you thank you 

Thank you for helping me Make a Stand!




Maria Papasergi

Dear Gracie, your work is amazing! Thanks for all you do xxxx


Andrew Thurlow

good on you Grace!


Karen Jumpertz

Dear Grace, keep up the great work you're doing with children. I can't imagine a world without hearing birdsong or being able to read books, two of my favourite things. I would like every child to enjoy these things too.




Greg Prendergast

I'll buy a cup or two!


Michael Buttigieg

Great Stuff Grace


Rossanna Tribo

Good Luck, hope you raise a lot of money for this great cause.


George Fletcher

Fantastic work thanks Grace! keep it going!


Alamgir Hossain



Hope it helps! God bless.


Johanna Calcoen

Success with the fundraiser, Gracie. Marc and Joke Bergmans-Calcoen



Kia kaha!


Ron Chan


Grace Adams

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