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I'm Making a Stand to Make the Difference!

RIDBC develops and delivers innovative sensory services for children in their early years to ensure they reach their developmental goals, build independence and participate fully in all aspects of daily life.

Thanks to you, children with hearing loss might hear their name for the first time, or learn to say ‘I love you’ to their parents. Vision impaired children could learn braille and have access to a whole new world of storybooks and learning.

Every dollar I raise from my virtual lemonade stand will go towards RIDBC to help more children and families experience these moments of joy.

So, please buy a cup, jug, bucket or whole case of lemonade and help me help children in need today!

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RIDBC rocks

Tuesday 16th Jun
Hi my name is Morgan and I am 8 years old. I have a condition called Coats Disease but I am pretty rare as most people who have Coats only lose their vision in one eye. I have been totally blind since I was 9 months old. I started using the services at RIDBC straight away and because of this I am doing really well at school. I know that the services at RIDBC cost a lot of money so I am asking you to buy some of my lemonade so that other children might get the same opportunities I get. Thanks for helping ...... I hope you enjoy your ‘lemonade’. Remember the old saying ‘When life gives you lemons make lemonade’. 

Thank you for helping me Make a Stand!



Go Morg!!




Alicia Martin


Lil And Ruby Freund

Good luck with your lemonade stall Morgan! Love Lillian and Ruby Freund



Thanks for helping RIBC, Morg. xxx


Levi Propsting

🍋 Yummy lemonade Morgs! 🍋


Louise Sedon

Great work Morgan 💕


Nat Byrne

Love you Morgs. Give your mum and big sis’ a squeeze from me. Xo


Bronwyn Bell

Go Morgan!!🍋



Good luck with your fundraising Morgie, you are one amazing human xx


Jaime Carey

Delicious Lemonade! Thanks Morgs 🍋


Kelee Hawker

Good luck with your fundraising, Morgan!


Kelli Robinson



Belinda Gleeson-barker

Go Morgan!

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