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I'm Making a Stand to Make the Difference!

RIDBC develops and delivers innovative sensory services for children in their early years to ensure they reach their developmental goals, build independence and participate fully in all aspects of daily life.

Thanks to you, children with hearing loss might hear their name for the first time, or learn to say ‘I love you’ to their parents. Vision impaired children could learn braille and have access to a whole new world of storybooks and learning.

Every dollar I raise from my virtual lemonade stand will go towards RIDBC to help more children and families experience these moments of joy.

So, please buy a cup, jug, bucket or whole case of lemonade and help me help children in need today!

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My Lemonade Stand Updates


Saturday 20th Jun
For those who missed it This morning Sunrise did a segment on this amazing cause, Alex even made a cameo (just before the 2 minutes mark of the segment).  Check out the Sunrise website to view.
Thank you so  much to those who have already donated and if you can please donate!

The journey ...

Wednesday 3rd Jun
To say it's been a tough journey over the last 3 and a bit years would be an understatement but when I see Alex dancing and singing to a song or saying "I love you more" after I tell him I love him its all worth it. There has been many sleepless nights, tears and fear but there have been A LOT of laughter, smiles, hugs and kisses too. We have been so lucky to be supported but amazing family and friends but also with the incredible assistance from Taralye (a service of RIDBC), the Royal Children's Hospital and the Cochlear Implant Clinic we have never felt alone in giving Alex all the best we can.

Target increase

Wednesday 3rd Jun
Wow!!  We reached another target.  I am so greatful to all who have donated.  Please if you haven't already and would like to please donate!  Every cent is well worth it.

Thank you

Friday 22nd May
A huge thank you to those who have donated so far.  Cannot believe I have had to increase my target twice!  Seriously overwhelmed by the generosity.  If you haven’t already and can please donate to such a great organisation who help so many!!

Making lemonade from lemons

Friday 15th May
My son Alex was born on 24 March 2017 and a week or so later was diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss.  After months of numerous tests and medical appointments Alex was implanted with cochlear implants on 23 October 2017.  Watching my son react to noise and speech for the first time was one of the most amazing things I have witnessed in my life.
Life threw us another curve ball last year when Alex developed a fluid cyst behind his left ear which became infected and resulted in his left cochlear being removed.  In February this year his left cochlear was re-implanted.
Having said the above, through the AMAZING support of Taralye (an RIDBC service), family and friends Alex is a happy, cheeky and VERY talkative 3 year old.  To say thank you to Taralye for all there help and support really isn't enough!

Thank you for helping me Make a Stand!


Kathy Nazzari


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Well done Alex!




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Olivia Lilly

This is great Rosina :)


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Randall Bradshaw

Well done Alex. Luv from Sue and Randall. Ps... you’re a champ


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Great job making lemonade buddy x love you



Love you Alex




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Well done Alex!


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Great Lemonade stand Alex




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Great cause xx


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Go Alex.. what a beautiful boy you are.. love you.. Zia... xxxxx


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Rosina Calleja

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