How to Make a Stand

Making a Stand is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy! It’s all about creating special moments with your children to make a difference for other children. Kids will get creative setting up their lemonade stand and learn just how fun it can be to help others. There are just three steps to get your lemonade stand up and running.
You can start right now!

You can read instructions or watch the video below.

Sign Up

Registration is free, setting up your online fundraising page is easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Get Crafting

Sell your ‘virtual lemonade’ by spreading the word and sharing the link to your online fundraising page to help raise vital funds for children with hearing and vision loss.

Sell Your Lemonade

If you like you and the kids can get creative, crafting your very own lemonade stand at home!

Step 1

Your fundraising page can be set up in just a few clicks.

Your fundraising page is the key to selling your virtual lemonade! Register now to create your fundraising page and immediately receive tips on how to customise your page and get lemonade selling tips (aka how to get donations!).

Step 2

Your lemonade stand is your chance to let your creativity shine!

Cardboard, fabric, bunting, sequins, sparkles or even feathers! Make your stand your way, as elaborate or simple as you like. Have fun getting the kids involved in colouring signs, mixing recipes and setting up shop. Whether your stand is in your backyard or at your kitchen bench, make sure to take lots of photos! You’ll use them to help sell your lemonade virtually and keep your supporters in the loop on how the stand is going!

Step 3

It’s time to sell some virtual lemonade.

Sell you virtual lemonade online! You can use the suggested price for a cup, jug, bucket or case of lemonade and know that every dollar will help children with vision impairment and hearing loss. The money you raise will go directly to the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children to help deliver innovative support programs that help children to reach their full potential. Thanks for Making a Stand!

Get Started Now


Wondering how it all works? These FAQs might help.
Still have questions? Just get in touch with Team Lemonade at or call us on 1800 043 411.

How do I ask people I know to buy my virtual lemonade and donate?

The most effective way to get people to donate to your page is by asking them! Share your fundraising page with all of your friends and family via Facebook, Instagram or email. It’s always amazing to see your family and friends support you in helping out a cause you’re passionate about. Just share your ‘why’ for participating to really connect and encourage their support. The about section on your page is a great place to share why you’re Making a Stand. You could even make a short video of your ‘why’ to share and make it even more personal.

How do people donate to my fundraising page?

They simply go to your fundraising page via the link you give them and click the ‘Donate’ button, then search for your name to make a donation directly to your page.

How much do cups and jugs of virtual lemonade cost?

You can accept donation of any amount for your lemonade, but we suggest selling it for:

$15 for a Cup - could purchase craft resources to use in therapy sessions.

$50 for a Jug - could fund a 1 hour early intervention group session.

$100 for a Bucket - could transcribe a toddler book into braille.

$350 for a Case - could provide a Parenting Group session for families with babies under 12 months with Hearing loss.

Where does the money raised go?

All money raised for RIDBC goes towards helping to provide children with vision impairment and hearing loss with the best quality and innovative services so that they too can achieve their fullest potential. Our $30,000 target for this fundraising activity is to assist 600 children to have their first session of Early Intervention. You can read more about RIDBC’s work here.

How can I share my page to invite others to Make a Stand?

Once you’re logged in, just click the share button from your profile.

How do I update my fundraising goal?

Your fundraising dashboard is where you can update your goal, profile photos, and ‘about’ page. Just click ‘login’ at the top of the home page after you’ve registered.